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Motor City media mogul humbled by award

By Daphne Thompson
May 26, 2011

The bronze-plated faces adorning the W Wing will soon be joined by the likeness of Detroit Free Press editor Paul Anger, who is the recipient of the 2011 Distinguished Alumni plaque and award. Since graduating 44 years ago, Anger has worked with the Miami Herald and the Des Moines Register, before being named the editor of Detroit’s largest daily newspaper.

Español leaks into summer sunshine, learning
By Tara Daly
May 26, 2011

Students will immerse themselves and embrace the life that Spain has to offer this coming summer in Salamanca: a place of history, culture, and home of the oldest Spanish university. The mild July heat of Wisconsin will be traded in from July 2 to July 30 as West students travel to a country filled with beaches, Mediterranean cuisine, and sunshine.

Project Hallway
By Paige Schultz
May 26, 2011

Easy-breezy styles invade summer habit

Wisnefski bids farewell after 42 years
By Shannon McInnis and Alexas Trembly
May 26, 2011

The Spanish department has evolved into a competitive learning engine that has produced strong language leaders with polished accents and rolling “R”s. Teaching and providing language enthusiasts with the proper tools, Spanish teacher Gladys Wisnefski plans to take a step back and retire after 42 years of teaching.

Musical excellence resonates with grand harmony
By Logan Fassbinder
May 26, 2011

Once again the sounds of scats and jives will be filling the soul-filled skies of downtown Oshkosh with the arrival of this year’s Jazz in the Park. The event will take place in the Grand Opera House square, where the West Jazz Band, Mixed Vocal Jazz, and Girls Vocal Jazz, will be performing the songs of the classic jazz age.

Where in the world is Monkey?
By Alex Wesenberg
May 26, 2011

These last few weeks I have found myself at a stressful and emotional crossroads where I am feeling the responsibilities of my life in the United States take hold, while at the same time desperately trying to hold on to every waking moment that I have left in Brazil.



Spring plants the ‘green scheme’ seed into student mind-set
By Alexa Trembly
April 20, 2011

The environmental movement that has swept away the nation’s trash jumped into the halls of West this week as “Green Week” allowed faculty and students to conserve and clean in proper preparation for National Earth Day on April 22.


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Artwork paints vivid impression on AP students
Children of Uganda inspire student participation
Where in the world is Monkey?
West swings to the beat of laughter, cheering
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